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video new developments tonight in the search for an ex-cop suspected of going on a murder rampage, including new surveillance video taken the
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dayafter the first whom site. the storm is gone, now the cleanup continues. and a disturbing statistic in berkeley. why the number of reported rapes nearly doubled in just one year. good evening. new details are emerging in the hunt of an ex-cop accused of killing three people including a police officer. this is new surveillance video from an auto parts store near san diego. it appears he tossed a magazine full of bullets. this is fro monday, the day after he allegedly killed two people in irvine. also tonight, the los angeles police chief says he will reopen the disciplinary proceedings that led to chris dorner's firing and look into what may have insure gaited it. >> he is not opening it because of the accusations or the musings of someone who is a
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multiple murderer. he wants to do it because he wants tone sure that the public knows that the los angeles police department is fair and transparent. >> dorner alleged that he was wrong fallly fired after alleging that his partner used excessive force in an arrest. there are still no signs of christopher dorner. they believe dorner is heighting out in east los angeles. more on the latest developments from los angeles. >> reporter: california authorities say that the search for fired los angeles cop christopher dorner is the most significant man hunt in the state's history. they say they have discovered new clues left behind in dorner's abandoned burned out pickup truck. cps found that dorner had two long range rifles, cold is viefer gear, gas mask.
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he says he is out for revenge in the 2008 firing from the lapd. l.a. police chief told cbs affiliate kcps that he is reopening the investigation. >> i'm not doing this it appease him. i'm doing this so that the public knows that the police department is transparent. >> he did not snap. i believe he has fantasized about doing this for a long time. >> i guess it's kind of scary, but i think that the cops know what they are doing. >> reporter: the lapd also added extra manpower on the grammies, a larger police presence to guard safety of celebrities and members of i own rank. >> you can't let your guard down. we are not that kind of people.
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>> man trained by vet department he has turned against edward lawrence, for cbs news. that fbi profiler we heard from a moment ago says that dorner may be wearing down >>it's likely that he is making more and more mistakes and in large part because he is now the person that is being hunted. he has no experience with that. he has training with lapd. he has training with the military, but he has never been in the circumstance where people are now looking for him. so there is a lot of stress on him as well. if that continue, he will begin to, i think, make more and more mistakes. >> a los angeles police captain who is on christopher dorner's hit list is taking this threat seriously. captain tancredi says that he has been afraid to leave his home. he chaired the board that stripped dorner of his badge. he refuses to discuss the
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proceedings saying that they are confidential. three people have been shot in bourbon street in new orleans after the street was crawling with revelers. the shooting happened about an hour ago. three people in critical condition. there has opinion a startling increase in the number of rapes in berkeley. there has been nearly double the number. >> the numbers really are shocking. 95% increase in rapes one year over the horse, 2012 over 2011, the highest number in five years but dot numbers really reflect the number of rape crimes in berkeley? what's going on? is it more reporting or are rapes up 95% in berkeley. despite the 39 cases up from just 20 in 2011, it was recorded to the berkeley council on tuesday. >> we are not sure what's behind the increase in reported
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rapes this year. it's hard to tell whether it's the beginning of a trend or an outliar year >> reporter: but cape pain greenwood says they do nothing something about something that happened. >> the majority of the rapes are acquaintance rapes, where the suspect is a friend. and alcohol plays a part. >> reporter: the high incidence has been known for while, greenwood does not blame fraternities or sororities. >> this is not limited to the fraternities or sororities and university. this is a problem that's shared around the city. >> reporter: all incoming students at ucb go through bistander intervention treating for sexual assault. that may have played a role in the increased rape numbers. while only 5% of sex assault vick trips report a rape, as many as 66% will tell their
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friends. those friends now have a responsibilities to report and individuals have a responsibility to take care of themselves. >> in terms of permanent mismanagement, people have to pay attention to using alcohol or drugs when they are on dates in those kinds of situations. >> we can expect numbers to rise but to tell you the truth, no one here really knows. don knapp, kpix 5. police in pleasant hill says that man with a knife held at least one employee at a jack in the box hostage. police say the man entered the fast food restaurant around 5:40 this morning. one employee managed to call police and told them that the man had a knife and tried to rob the restaurant. >> as soon as the officers got to the restaurant, they were able to evacuate the employees from the front of the restaurant. at some point during the incident, he actually released another employee >> reporter: about an hour
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later, the suspect, robert gore yo of guerrero of pittsburg surrendered. a cyclist was killed after she have hit and dragged by a cement truck thousands of people were lining up for the san francisco giants fan fest. the victim hats been identified as 48-year-old diane saul van of san francisco. investigators are still trying to figure out how the crash happened. >> we are still interviewing witnesses and going over video footage so we can put the investigation together. >> reporter: sullivan was taken to a local hospital where she died a short i'm later. the cement truck driver is cooperating with the investigation. they do not believe that alcohol or drugs were factors in the crash. now to that blizzard blanketing much of the northeast. the storm clouds have moved out and we are looking at the numbers. a staring 40 million people have been impacted by the
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storm. more than 650,000 people have lost power in 9 states. so far, the storm is being blamed for nine deaths, including an 11-year-old boy overcome by carbon monoxide poisoning as he sat in a running car. some parts of the northeast saw over three feet of snowfall. cps alescbs's reporter marley falls says that residents are taking time to clear it out. >> reporter: several state have lifted travel bans and airports reopening. but it's taking a lot of work. >> everything has been crazy since last night. i've been out since last night still shoveling. >> a massive winter stormed dumbed more than three feats of snow. new york's long island is one of the heartest hit. the winter snow was too much. >> i looked over and i saw the roof begin to collapse.
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>> reporter: and firefighters had to rescue dozens of people dropped on roadways. >> i put on the three layers of clothing i brought, and went to sleep we got the snowblower so my husband is somewhere in the neighborhood cleaning other people's houses. we are still up here. >> reporter: the nor'easter also caused flooding in low lying areas along the massachusetts and maine coast line. people in areas buried under the snow have to deal with frigid temperatures here in hartford, connecticut, it's expected to drop into the single digits overnight. thousands of people will have to brave those temperatures outelectricity. at the height of the storm, more than 650,000 people lost power and officials say that it will take time to restore it. >> this is going to be a multi- day event. could be monday, could be tuesday. people need to brace themselves and they need to find shelter if they are cold. >> reporter: while the cleanup continues, some people are trying to enjoy this big blast
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of winter. marley hall for cbs news. it's a fantastic day for a giants. >> fans get a chance of a lifetime to meet and say hello to the san francisco giants we are less than 24 hours from music's most exciting night of the year. a power house of stars will take stage at the yamies. we'll take you backstage for a look at the rehearsal. the abun damages of sunshine in the forecast is music to many people's here is but we could use more rain. the rain drops and when we can expect it. the details next on the cw. ,, [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go.
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even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. okay. right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. number of pedestrian fatali. 19th avenue and van ness. new legislation has been
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introduced to permanently ed le they are tank rust san francisco roads known for a number of faye tilts. new legislation has been passed to extend doubled fines zones. they want to fine more than 2400-dollar and it appears to be working. in the first two years of the double fine, there were no pedestrian fatality on either street. the niners may have lost the super bowl last sunday but the bay area still basking until world series glory. spring training starts tuesday. k p i x 5's ann makovic was there as people turned out to greet the champions >> fantastic day as a giants fans >> reporter: the line grew to more than five blocks long. >> we just take that as no one shines brighter than the other.
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we're going to get our chance to shine. >> the world series trophies shining as props. >> that's super. i wanted to touch it but they would not let me. >> reporter: they waited in line for hours. >> waiting for someone cool. >> reporter: not knowing which rotated player will sign autograph. >> we were waiting in line for pablo, taking pictures. we were right here and he leaves >> reporter: but another star player was around the corner. >> oh, my god, yes, so happy. i love hunter pence >> reporter: do have you a crush on him? >> of course. he is beautiful. >> reporter: it's easy to develop a crush on some of these guys once you are face to face. >> awesome. breath take. it was wonderful. he is hot. >> reporter: speaking of looks, pitcher tim lincecum is sporting a new someone with short hair and glasses that he does not need to see. >> very hand some. even the glasses >> reporter: not everyone afrees. >> he is not tim lincecum
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anymore. he was known for his hair and everything else >> reporter: the players want to be known as world series champs. there is a lot of expectations. >> reporter: to to the fans? >> thank you for your unwavering support. you guys make it fun for to us come out every day. >> reporter: now, they were heading to spring training, first time back in at&t park will be in late march for an exhibition game. we want to show you some interesting video now of the snowstorm back east. if you think it didn't snow all that much, check this out. this is time laps video taken in rock hill, connecticut. watch as the snow weighs down that tree, piles up. connecticut is among one of the areas hardest hit. nearly three feet of snow? just a matter of hours. governor daniel malloy requested a presidential emergency declaration to help in the aftermath of the storm.
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programs nothing says what happened -- perhaps nothing more says what happened with this. a wall of snow in connecticut, maine and also massachusetts as they opened the front door. 17-year-old matteo was mesmerized by what he saw. but this is the reaction for people. my son randolph who is s.a.t. john's university in new york, we had a horrible debate on thursday because he wanted to cheer sont john's basketball team in hartford, connecticut. and i said, um-um. >> the meteorologist says no way. mom says, absolutely not? >> and? >> he was really furious with me. all his friend got sent back to did try to make that road trip. good evening, everybody. let's head on outside. what do you see, ann? a beautifully lit bay bridge. >> that's it. they are testing the lights at the bay bridge. they have been going on and
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off. we do have clear skies this evening, temperatures wise. we dipped all the way down to the upper 30s in liver more. currently 40 in santa rosa. we do have a starry night on tap. today's highs were substantial hi warmer than yesterday by a good 5 to 7 degrees. but still slightly below normal for this time of the year. mid-50s in pacifica, around the central play to 60 degrees at fairfield. back into rio vista and kordell ya. mid-50s in san jose, down from the average high typically experienced this time of the year64 degrees. tonight, freezing still in many in -- in land locations. 36 degrees in redwood city. back all the way to san mateo. this is the scene as you are heading towards the pay bridge this evening. we still have a little bit of
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backup in those non-fast track lanes. we will see some sunshine tomorrow of a some morning frost. looks like a dry weather pattern will continue all the way through the forecast period. and that's because this area of low pressure that dumbed some snow in the grapevine is not traversing an easterly direction making way to a huge dome of prior. that means dry conditions. if you wanted to compare dry conditions with this time last year, not too pad but nelless, these numbers are dwindling very rapidly, except santa rosa, still above average. 29% of normal this time last year in san jose compared to 90% but we certainly still need the rain. not going to see it. you might want to head to the coast to. santa cruz, 60 degrees. rip current risks still on the high side. 60s will be common through stockton and sacramento. cooler in fresno and merced.
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56 for the gulf tournament taking place in pebble beach. our highs going up ever so gently. each though a couple of degrees warmer tomorrow, we'll hang on to that weather pattern. we see seasonal highs here in the bay area. a sweet forecast on valentine's day on thursday. >> aw. >> one computer model wants to bring a chance of rain into the forecast by friday, but, you know the other one says no. >> okay. >> we will keep you posted. >> thank you much. it does not matter if you are rooting for mumford and sun, carly rae jepsen. it promises to be an entertaining one. we take you behind the scenes. >> the luminaires had a chance
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to rehears on the stage before doing good. >> up for best new artist and was excited to be rubbing elbows with the biggest stars. >> i saw justin tame betterlick, jessica biel, jaycee and beyonci. >> beyonci, taylor swift. many of the celebrities have had their seats picked out for days. crews are racing to finish preps for the big night which will include artists from different categories performing together. executive producer ken erlich has been doing this for 4 years. there is the freedom that people say, i want to perform with this.
10:22 pm
>> sting will perform with bruno mars and rihanna. critics predict that frank ocean will dominate. >> it's embracing a lot of the unknown artists that are nominated this year and putting them on the stage on the telecast. >> win or lose, the grammies is the place for musicians to show off what they've got. cbs news, los angeles. >> the 55th grammy awards airs tomorrow night on our sister station kpix 5 which starts at 8:00 p.m. right after 60 minutes it's the eve of the year of the snake. how people in san francisco are getting ready to usher in tomorrow's lunar new year. ,, mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good.
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chinese new year in beijing. fireworks went off across t city to welcome the "year oe snake." residents braved freezing temperatures to sef fireworks -- which are thout they are celebrating the new year's eve in beijing in san francisco, the community clean teen started the season off with a bang. hundreds of volunteers showed
10:25 pm
up at the plaza. fireworks were sets off in honor effort new year. then they fanned out, removing trash, sweeping streets. it's a tradition for the lulu nar new year. >> we pick areas of the city, pick and clean up the area, usually did i district. >> the clean team focused on the tender loins, civic center and south of market area ahead, warriors, sharks, before we hit the links. phil mickelson shows us how not to walk the rock along the month ray peninsula. ,,,,,,
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romo... ...among the celebs making the cut at the at&t 49ers coach jim harbaugh, huey lewis, justin verlander, tony romo among the celebs making the cut at the at&t pro- am. the focus on the pebble paetsch. phil mickelson, oops. slippery. tee fending champion 11 shots back. here is 49ers coach harbaugh in contention. nice spot, three back of the lead on the pro-am side. present snedeker, 12 under -- brent snedeker, 12 under. dirk nowitzki, the hard foul and a go. warriors never in it. off the miss, here comes the mavs on the run. sean marion makes it look easy.
10:29 pm
116-91, warriors lose. phoenix goalie mike smith just shut down the sharks, 33 saves. the sharks lose 1-0. they have dropped four in a row. and what a story dave tom. >> alameda, cal, nordstrom shoes and now he is a pig star on the pga tour. >> all right. can't wait to hear more from him at 11:00 on kpix. >> yes. >> that's it for us at 10:00. we'll see you at 11:00. >> good night. @÷

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